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Printech HQ MICR Toners


What is MICR?

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition; it is a character recognition technology. The MICR system requires a specific MICR toner power, and Printech® develops its toner with this MICR Technology.

Many checks and important financial documents are printed using the MICR technology today; in fact, it is a system that is widely used in many accounting and banking firms world wide. Any checks that are to be deposited into a bank need to use this technology to be recognized by the check reader; this allows a quicker and more efficient routing of funds.

Why Printech®MICR Cartridge?

Printech is at the forefront of the remanufacturing industry in terms of the quality of its products. Because MICR cartridges are often used to produce important financial documents, it is very important to choose a vendor who is able to guarantee high quality products every time.
Printech® MICR Toners are designed and produced to a higher standard than the industry norm. Each cartridge is the result of our dedication to a superior product than what the current market offers. High Quality Products, every time. That’s the Printech® guarantee.

Printech HQ Color Toners


Why Printech® Color Cartridge?


Printech recognizes the need for crisp, high quality prints for your designs and projects. Many remanufactured toner cartridges do not yield high quality prints due to either a) a lack of toner/printer knowledge required to produce a color-calibrated cartridge or b) a mis-match of hues or shades that result in an unnecessarily darker or lighter colors. Either way, these problems keep you from reproducing what you want to print on your computer from being printed the way you want on the paper.
Printech® matches all the colors in-house; even if  you were to order a single a toner cartridge form a four-color set, we produce all three of the other color cartridges so that we can run the test and make sure that the cartridge is able to blend color well with other cartridges. This means that your pictures and designs will print with consistency.
High Quality Products, every time. That’s the Printech® guarantee.


Why Printech®B/W Toners?

Many offices today face the same dilemma: there is a growing need for office supplies such as toners and papers each day, but the cost of these supplies are at an all-time high and on the rise. Many people try to get by with cheap, Chinese toner cartridges but they are usually unreliable and do not yield the expected page count.  However, OEM cartridges are too expensive to think of as a long-term solution.
With Printech® B/W Toners, you will no longer have to worry about your office printer supplies. Printech® employs a rigorous testing system that ensures a problem-free cartridge. Our toner cartridges always guarantee the highest quality components, including a new drum, which allows high quality prints and a long-lasting cartridge.
Worried about price? Printech® remanufactured toner cartridge are up to 60% cheaper than OEM toner cartridges, depending on the model of the cartridge – this means that you can print more for the same money.
High Quality Products, every time. That’s the Printech® guarantee.

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