High Quality Products, every time. That's the printech usa ® guarantee.
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Corporations and Large Offices (CLO)

  Designations include, but not limited to, the following types of businesses:
[Interstate/International Logistics Companies, Wholesales, Financial Firms (excluding government related/funded projects/institutions)]  

Services provided
  1. After a careful analysis of your business needs, Printech will work with your Office Manager to carefully plan a comprehensive printing solution for your office that will both lower the overall cost of printing and optimize workflow.

  2. A trained specialist will be on-call for a free on-site maintenance for printers that do not require extensive work and low cost off-site repair services if and when necessary. This includes FREE DELIVERY.

  3. Printech is proud to offer new the [“Printech Reward Service (PRS)”] - exclusive to the Corporate/Large Office designated businesses – all qualifying Corporation/Large Office designated businesses will be able to earn credit with every purchase that maybe used towards futures purchases or be redeemed for gift cards.

Non Profit Organizations (NPO)

  1. Designations include and is limited to the following institutions: [Public and Private Schools (K-12), Public Junior Colleges and Universities, Government Offices, Churches and Other Religious Establishments(with the proper tax id)]

  2. Services provided
    • Qualified NPO designated institutions are subject to a 10% discount on every purchase.
    • A trained specialist will be on-call for a free on-site maintenance for printers that do not require extensive work and low cost off-site repair services if and when necessary. This includes FREE DELIVERY.

Small Offices and Home Offices (SOHO)

  1. Printech currently provides various law firms, CPA firms, insurance agencies, real estate offices, medical offices, and retail stores in the Greater Los Angeles Area with toners and various Managed Print Services (MPS) needs.

  2. Our SOHO services are designed to marry the best value and top-notch quality for your printing needs. This means that even with the use of high quality parts for the toner, the prices will remain flexible and competitive.

  3. 1-Day Delivery service is guaranteed for the Greater Los Angeles Area.

  4. We offer free Printech Printercare Cleaning Service for your printers on any qualifying orders over $100.
    • What is the Printech Printercare Cleaning Service?
      • Printech Printercase Cleaning Service is designed primarily for SOHO machines. It is Printech’s cumulative small printer maintenance service based on the areas where printers fail the most. IT IS NOT A REPAIR SERVICE! We simply optimize the machine to perform at peak level AT ITS AGE.
      • We use an industry standard HVAC vacuum to clean your machine of paper dust/debris and leaked or spilled toner powder to improve paper-flow through out the printer.
      • We clean the scanner apparatus of your multifunction machine to decrease line/dot formation on your machine.
      • We adjust and re-surface the rubber treads of your paper pickup rollers to resolve any paper jam issues.
      • We will run a complete assessment of the printer life as well as the life of various parts of the printer.


  1. What is MICR?

    MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition; it is a character recognition technology. The MICR system requires a specific MICR toner power, and Printech® develops its toner with this MICR Technology.

    Many checks and important financial documents are printed using the MICR technology today; in fact, it is a system that is widely used in many accounting and banking firms world wide. Any checks that are to be deposited into a bank need to use this technology to be recognized by the check reader; this allows a quicker and more efficient routing of funds.

  2. Why Printech®MICR Cartridge?

    Printech is at the forefront of the remanufacturing industry in terms of the quality of its products. Because MICR cartridges are often used to produce important financial documents, it is very important to choose a vendor who is able to guarantee high quality products every time.

    Printech® MICR Toners are designed and produced to a higher standard than the industry norm. Each cartridge is the result of our dedication to a superior product than what the current market offers.

    High Quality Products, every time. That’s the Printech® guarantee.
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